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July is a wonderful time to get outside and explore the natural world. The days are long and hopefully warmer than they have been this past June, flowers are in full bloom and wildlife is bustling with activity from butterflies and bees, to fledging chicks!

12th of July to the 4th of August is the Big Butterfly Count  - See our Things to Do section below for more information.

Dragonflies are another majestic flying insect to try and spot in July. Did you know they were one of the first winged insects to evolve around 300 million years ago! You might find some near bodies of water, because they are aquatic when in their larval stage and then emerge as adults taking hours or days to dry out and harden their wings. 

If you go to a pond, why not try some pond/river dipping while you are there. Be sure to have an adult accompany you on your dipping adventures. The river in Elizabeth Gardens or Laverstock Community Farm are great options. All you need is a net and bucket, scoop up some water and see what creatures you find. Look for tadpoles, pond skaters and tiny water beetles. Just make sure to gently return them back to their home. 

You can also go for a walk in your local park or woodland and look for baby birds and their parents. Bring binoculars and see if you can spot any robin, sparrow or blackbird chicks, just to name a few. You can listen out for their calls too – can you mimic any of them?

With so many flowers in full bloom there are bound to be fallen leaves and petals everywhere so why not turn them into nature art? You can create a collage or press them between books to dry and preserve them and turn into bookmarks or cards.